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Measuring Tire Size:
etermine tire size by measuring the outer diameter or checking the sidewall markings.This method helps in selecting the right tire size but doesn't provide hub or bearing details.

Measuring Hub Length:
Measure hub length across the wheel's center, accounting for rim space on the axle.

Measuring Bearing Size:
Measure the inner diameter of the bearing hole at the hub's end.For accuracy, also measure the axle diameter to ensure compatibility.

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About Ogracwheel

Whether you're a farmer, a golfer, a landscaper, or a trailer owner, Ogracwheel has the perfect flat free tire solution to meet your needs.

What makes our products unique?

At the heart of Ogracwheel's products is proprietary technology, which offers solution that is not only convenient but also reliable, ensuring that their customers never have to worry about flat tires again.

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Ogracwheel flatfree tires provide the bounce and load handling characteristics similar to an air filled tire - with the benefit of never going flat. Marathon flat free wheelbarrow tires, flat free hand truck tires, roofing tires and other solid tires are lightweight and non marking and come mounted on a heavy-duty steel rim with shielded ball bearings.

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(Out of Stock)Flat Free 1 inch Axle Wheelbarrow Tire 4.80-8 Flat Free, 3" Hub

16 in. Flat Free Wheelbarrow Tire 4.80/4.00-8 with 3/4 & 5/8 Bearings, 3.5" Center Hub