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Can you put a tube in a tubeless wheelbarrow tire?

You can certainly do it in lawn tractors, UTVs, wheelbarrows, etc. I just did four of them on a yard cart a few weeks ago. How much would it cost to repair a tubeless tire with a sidewall puncture by installing a tube into it?

What is a flat free tire on a wheelbarrow?

The Air-Free Flat-Free tire may look like a pneumatic, but it's actuallymade of solid polyurethane and features a saw-toothed tread. It has the same bounce and load handling as an air-filled tire, but without the required maintenance of re-filling air into the tire every now and again - making it flat-free.

Do flat free tires need air?

Something that is “pneumatic” means it is operated by gas or air under pressure, which would give you a hint of what a pneumatic tire is. If you guessed an air-filled tire, you'd be right. Now the other tire is called a “flat-free” which basically means the opposite of pneumatic anddoes not need air to be functional.

How much weight can a flat free wheelbarrow tire hold?

Rocky Mountain Goods Flat Free Wheelbarrow Wheel 16” is the perfect replacement wheelbarrow wheel that doesn't go flat. Made of heavy duty polyurethane this can hold loadsup to 500 pounds.